oh what a wide, wide, mysterious world!

Our story takes place in a seaside world populated by all sorts of interesting creatures. There might not be much here now, but check back later! More map elements will be revealed as the story progresses!!


Reggie’s house ~ A large estate of underground tunnels and burrows, built into the side of a large grassy hill. Nicely furnished! Interior details include: wood floors, cobbled stone hallways, and fireplaces. Glow-gill Mushroom lighting fully installed and ready for use [please water frequently for best results].

Sandy beach ~ Quite a lovely place for a seaside adventure! There also seems to be a small cave here.

Paraville ~ A bustling port city founded by creatures known as Paravians. The most popular destination for traveling adventurers on the coast! A tower stands in the highest point of the city, marking the famous Treasure Guild headquarters.

hightown ~ Cliff-side estates and specialty shops catering to more expensive tastes.

lowtown ~ A much quieter and more rural area of the city. Also called “oldtown”, this district was the original town site of Paraville and was established before the guilds became the highlight of the city. More private shops and practices can be found here.


*more coming soon*